Introducing Pandem-ic, a comprehensive data analytics platform shedding light on pandemic inequality across countries (ic). With an initial focus on COVID-19, it offers insights into three themes: the hidden mortality crisis in developing countries, the underestimated Omicron escalation, and the urgent call for global vaccine equity.

This platform is a collaborative effort between the Center for Global Development and the United Nations Development Programme. It dissects inequalities across countries by income level, region and subregion. By exploring the relations within the epidemiological triad (between agents, hosts and environment), Pandem-ic examines how development levels and pandemic outcomes interact. Specifically, its dynamic content consists of three parts:

  • Trackers: Visualizations of COVID-19 data by income, region, and subregion.
  • Insights: Short data-oriented analyses of pandemic severity, the Omicron escalation, and global vaccine equity.
  • Articles & Blogs: Other longer pieces and perspectives. 

We have great plans for pandem-ic. Soon we will be giving the site a fresh coat of paint. We’re planning to expand beyond COVID-19 and cover global health inequity more generally with respect to other infectious diseases. Also in the making are effort to examine what the likely future is of pandemics and how we can better prepare for the inevitable next one. 

We are committed to keeping our content fresh and accessible, with daily updates of all trackers and most insights before 8am EST.  In addition to a few insights that are not updated, the only static content on this site are the articles and blogs. 

Be sure to explore also our other about pages, including a synthesis of the main themes of the site, the back story of pandem-ic along with a list of acknowledgements, and finally the testimonials of others on this platform. 

We hope you find the content useful and welcome your comments and suggestions!