Introducing Pandem-ic, a comprehensive data analytics platform shedding light on pandemic inequality across countries (hence the ic suffix). With a focus on COVID-19 mortality, infection, and vaccination disparities, Pandem-ic offers captivating insights into three crucial themes: the hidden mortality crisis in developing countries, the underestimated Omicron escalation, and the urgent call for global vaccine equity.

Our platform dissects inequalities between rich and poor nations using the World Bank’s income classification and dives also into regional disparities with the aid of the regional and subregional classifications of the World Bank and the United Nations. By exploring the intricate relations within the epidemiological triad (between agents, hosts and environment), Pandem-ic explores the relationships between development levels and pandemic outcomes.

Pandem-ic’s dynamic content includes:

  • Engaging Trackers: Visualizing COVID-19 data by income, region, and subregion.
  • Compelling Insights: Analyzing pandemic severity, the Omicron escalation, and global vaccine equity.
  • Curated Articles & Blogs: Sharing perspectives that have been published elsewhere first. 

We’re committed to keeping our content fresh and accessible, with daily updates on trackers and insights before 8am EST. Developed as a personal passion project, this resource benefits from the insights of many – see the acknowledgements. Also check out our testimonials to read the comments of others on this platform.

Pandem-ic welcomes your comments and suggestions to help make it better!