Pandem-ic is a data analytics resource that tracks pandemic inequality across countries (hence, the ic suffix). It visualizes inequalities in COVID-19 mortality, infection and vaccination by income group, region and subregion. Its insights touch upon three themes: the understated severity of mortality in the developing world, the unseen scale of the Omicron escalation and the unmet need for global vaccine equity.

This resource is mainly focused on the inequalities across rich and poor countries as per the World Bank’s income classification (another reason for the ic suffix). The classification divides the world into groups of high, upper-middle, lower-middle and low income countries, which approximates the level of development. This brings into sharper focus how the level of development affects the risk of infection, sickness and death and even the prospect of vaccination. 

As the epidemiological triad illustrates, pandemics are about viruses (the external agents), people (the susceptible hosts) and the broader environment that brings both together. The social sciences intersect most strongly with the people and environment dimensions of this triad. The lens of development—the angle provided by the income classification—directs attention to the variation in them.

Pandem-ic also analyzes pandemic inequality across geographical regions. It does so in a general way using the World Bank’s regional classification, which divides the world into 7 regions (again with a focus on development). To provide more granular perspectives, it also uses the regional classification of the United Nations (the M-49 geo-scheme), which divides the world into 22 finer subregions.

The material on this site is presented in three parts:

  • Trackers visualize the data by income, region and subregion on variables related to COVID-19 mortality, infection and vaccination.
  • Insights are data-driven analyses grouped by into three themes: pandemic severity, the Omicron escalation and global vaccine equity.
  • Articles and blogs that have been published elsewhere are reposted here with permission.

Keeping the material fresh and accessible has been a key priority. For this reason, all trackers and (almost) all insights are kept up-to-date on a daily basis. The daily update is usually completed by 8am EST. The articles and blogs are current as of their original publication date.

Finally, I developed this resource in a personal capacity as I saw the need for it. I do owe a great deal of gratitude to many colleagues and friends for their encouragement and insights (for more on this, check out the acknowledgements and testimonials). However, all views, errors and omissions remain my own and do not necessarily reflect those of others, including my employer. 

Comments and suggestions are most welcome!