Unvaccinated rate by country, income and population size

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Share of population unvaccinated against COVID-19


This map shows the unvaccinated rate for the world and by World Bank income group. It shows how many people have never received a single shot and expresses that number as a share in total population. The number of unvaccinated people is calculated as the total population size minus the number of people who have received at least 1 dose.

The midpoints of the bubbles represent country observations of the unvaccinated rate. Also shown are the weighted group averages for the unvaccinated rate of each group, which are represented by a horizontal line. 

The size of the bubbles in the chart reflects the total population size. The large green bubble among UMICs is China. The large blue bubble among LMICs is India. Note that the global population as per the 2021 medium-variant scenario of World Population Prospects is estimated at 7.9 billion and is distributed as follows across the World Bank income classification:

  • 1.2 billion in HICs;
  • 2.6 billion in UMICs;
  • 3.4 billion in LMICs;
  • 0.7 billion in LICs.