Share of population unvaccinated by country and region

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Share of people that have not yet received a single COVID-19 vaccination in total population


This chart provides a global snapshot of the share of the unvaccinated population in the total population at the country level. This chart with polar coordinates groups countries by World Bank region and then sorts World Bank regions by the maximum value of the unvaccinated share from high to low. Individual country observations are sorted as well from high to low within each region.

The purpose of the visualization is to show how different regions exhibit a different distribution of the unvaccinated share in terms of the following four buckets: over 75%, from 50 to 75%, from 25 to 50% and under 25%. The circular gridlines show the levels of the thresholds for these buckets. To add further emphasis to the buckets, the bars of individual countries are filled with different colors as per the legend.