Population vaccinated (full protocol) and unvaccinated by UN subregion

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Number of people fully vaccinated and unvaccinated


This chart shows primary vaccination progress in the people space across UN subregions and measures the share of the total population for each region that has not received yet any vaccination and is vaccinated fully as per the vaccine protocol. Note that this shows primary vaccination progress and does not include boosters.

Note that while information on doses administered is generally available on a timely basis for almost all countries, several countries do not contemporaneously disclose how these doses administered fit into the vaccination cycle. In other words, we do not know for these doses whether they represent the beginning or the end of a vaccination protocol (or both as in the case of a 1-dose protocol) or somewhere in the middle (as in the case of a 3-dose protocol). 

This chart ignores that uncertainty and simply shows the latest available information that is available on the split between full and with at least 1 dose vaccination. The total number of unvaccinated people is therefore likely overestimated and the degree of overestimation will correlate with the number of “undocumented doses”.  

For more details on the intricacies of measuring global vaccination progress, check out this postOther details are found below in the background section.