Data insight

Mapping the unvaccinated world

If landmass were equal to the number of unvaccinated people, this is what the world would look like

The unequal distribution of vaccines has produced glaring differences in the ability of countries to inoculate their populations. The visualization below shows a cartographic projection where land mass reflects the absolute number of unvaccinated people – unvaccinated in the sense that they haven’t received a single shot yet.

The chart below provides further insight into the numbers behind this map. It shows the distribution of world population by vaccination status: unvaccinated, vaccinated with at least 1 dose and fully vaccinated. From this chart it is clear that the developing world makes up most of the unvaccinated. Among the developing countries, lower-middle-income countries (LMICs) currently account for the largest share in the unvaccinated globally. 

We can also analyze the distribution of world population by vaccination status according to geographical regions. Below we dissect the global map into World Bank regions. We can see the importance of Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) in the global numbers as well as those of South Asia (SAR). East Asia & Pacific remains sizable on account of its huge population despite considerable progress in the vaccination rate (on a per capita basis).