Distribution of unvaccinated population by income

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Unvaccinated share and population share in the global numbers


This chart shows the distribution of the unvaccinated by World Bank income classification. It shows the share of the unvaccinated in the global number of unvaccinated people. For comparison purposes, it also shows the share of population in the global population. 

Note that unvaccinated refers in this context to those who have yet to receive a single vaccine shot. The information is displayed as of the latest date for which information is available. Information on doses is generally more readily available than information on how the doses are distributed between the fully vaccinated and those vaccinated with at least 1 dose (which affects our measure of the unvaccinated which is taken as the complement of those vaccinated with at least 1 dose).

The last two bars are for the developing world, which comprises the upper-middle-income, lower-middle-income and low-income countries (UMIC, LMIC and LIC).