Countries administering primary vaccinations by UN subregion

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Share of countries administering primary COVID-19 vaccinations


This chart provides a snapshot globally and by UN subregion of the extensive margin of vaccine equity. It shows for each aggregate the number of countries that have started to report positive primary vaccination data as a share in the total number of countries in that aggregate. “Reporting positive vaccination data” is a proxy for having started vaccination – a proxy because some countries may have started but are simply not reporting data. 

The definition of the country universe matters considerably for this chart. We consider a total of 196 countries. This universe is based on the latest World Bank’s income classification updated every July 1 (see full details in the background section below) and reflects a further narrowing down to only include members and/or observers of UN or UN specialized agencies (which excludes 21 HICs and 1 UMIC, which are mostly overseas territories and dependencies). The full methodology is discussed in detail in the background notes copied below.